What is the stupidest breed of dog?

Top 10 dumbest dog breeds and why they have been characterized as “dumb Afghan hounds. The Afghan hound is the “dumbest dog. Basenjis are also on the list of the dumbest dog breeds. Bulldogs are known for their stubbornness.

Chow chows can also be difficult to train. Stanley Coren's 1994 book The Intelligence of Dogs lists three types of doggy intelligence. Instinctive intelligence shows how good a dog is at the tasks for which it was raised. Adaptive intelligence measures whether a dog can solve problems on its own by thinking critically.

Finally, obedient intelligence measures a dog's ability to learn and follow commands. To put puppies back in the driver's seat, we'll review the list of the 25 dumbest dog breeds, explain why they are perceived as “dumb” and why they're not so stupid after all. Afghan hounds have long, beautiful fur, and are often described as cats. The African Basenji is almost totally silent, producing a hyena-like “laugh” instead of a bark.

The instantly recognizable Basset Hound has long, loose ears and a super-potent sense of smell. The famous breed that inspired Snoopy, the Beagles are determined and affectionate hunters with strong noses and charming coats. Borzois have beautiful fur and never forget it, behaving like cats in their unwavering devotion to hygiene. The hounds don't live up to their bloody sounding name, they look more like adorably fallen sad sacks than mighty hunters.

The Bull Terrier is a playful clown with a distinctive rounded snout and big pointed ears. The extremely tender bulldog, with its characteristic wrinkled snout, has been accused of foolishness in both its English and French varieties. Originally bred as mousers, Scotties impressed a 17th century lair so much with his persistence that he dubbed them “uncompromising”. So which dogs were the smartest and which were ranked as some of the dumbest dog breeds? Mastiff dogs are famous for their imposing size and sweet nature, making it a surprise for mastiff dog lovers who top the list as one of the dumbest dog breeds.

What's going on? The Bulldog, named for its bloody history as a bullfighting dog in the 13th century, is known and loved for its chubby complexion, wrinkled skin and flattened face. It is also known as one of the dumbest dog breeds. However, by banning bullfighting in 1835, the Bulldog was bred in an effort to prevent the breed from becoming extinct. Enthusiasts were careful to make the Bulldog more even as well, and what turned out is an adorably affectionate little dog that is as unique in personality as it is in appearance.

While it may not be the smartest dog in the world, this is one of the dumbest dog breeds that is adored for its sweet and silly behavior. In fact, Bulldogs currently rank number 5 on the American Kennel Club's list of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. If they were to be tested in an odor tracking category, they would probably be classified as some of the smartest dog breeds. That said, the dumbest dog breeds above are only considered “dumb” based on the tasks they were tested on.

Many of the dumbest dog breeds mentioned above could also be considered dumb simply because they are harder to train. This is just one reason why the science behind these studies can be unreliable. In fact, some experts suggested that dogs that are difficult to train may be difficult because they get bored more easily. This is especially relevant if you take into account what we have already analyzed when rating the dumbest dog breeds; that each dog is bred for a specific skill.

Some dogs were raised as hunters, while others were raised to herd. Some dogs were bred to catch vermin, while others were simply designed to curl up in someone's lap. So is your dog really one of the dumbest dog breeds or is it really good at the particular skill set it was bred for? As we briefly mentioned earlier, very intelligent dogs can be confused with the dumbest dog breeds only because of their independent nature. The truth is that many stubborn dogs are quite intelligent, and that is why they are often more interested in giving up boring training sessions and doing things that are more fun and stimulating for them.

So, for the sake of discussion, let's consider that you have one of the dumbest dog breeds listed above (remember that “the dumb dog is pretty smart). How do you train a dog that is not interested in being trained? So what is the best advice for training the dumbest dog breeds? Make training short, fun and friendly. When you notice that your dog is bored or distracted, give him a break. Like the Lhasa Apso, the Tibetan Terrier tops the list of less intelligent dog breeds.

These dogs are fiercely loyal and protective of their own. Despite being a terrier, they are quite friendly and reserved in the home. These dogs are known for their long, silky coat. But often, hiding under such locks is a more complex canine.

Afghans thrive with a high level of activity, and US canine organization says they need plenty of space to run fenced. While they are great hunting companions, Afghan hounds are sometimes considered a bit silly, and their sensitive but independent nature can make training them a difficult task. Beagles are friendly, carefree and frankly adorable puppies. And while their adorable faces will appeal to you, it is their working-race mentality that usually makes them recognize as an intelligent race.

However, beagles are not exactly the type of leader, as they prefer to hunt in packs. And besides, the AKC says that their inclination to always follow their nose can lead them to “difficult” situations, bringing them to our list. The bulldog is undeniably adorable, and their fun disposition makes them somewhat silly but kind creatures. They will never ask for exercise and will rather sit on your lap than anywhere else in the house.

However, because they are eager to please their peers, they respond well to training, so that's a plus. Although bulldogs are not very intelligent, they are very affectionate. The Basenji is a breed of hunting dog that was bred from cattle originating in Central Africa. Most of the major canine clubs in the English-speaking world place the breed in the Hound Group; more specifically, it can be classified as belonging to the type of greyhound.

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale places the breed in Group 5, the Spitz and Primitive types, and the United Kennel Club (US) places the breed in the Sighthound Group & Pariah. Bulldog is the name of a breed of dog commonly known as the English Bulldog. Other breeds of bulldog include the American bulldog, the Old English bulldogge and the French bulldog. The Bulldog is a muscular and heavy dog with a wrinkled face and a distinctive nose.

The American Kennel Club (AKC), the Kennel Club (UK) and the United Kennel Club (UKC) monitor breeding standards. The English Mastiff, known to most dog clubs simply as the Mastiff, is a large breed of dog that perhaps descends from the ancient Alano through Pugnaces Britanniae. Distinguishable by its enormous size, its huge head and a limited range of colors, but always wearing a black mask, the mastiff is characterized by its soft temperament. The lineage of modern dogs dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, and the modern type stabilized in the 1880s.

After a period of sharp decline, the mastiff has increased its popularity around the world. Is your dog on the list of the 10 dumbest dog breeds? Share your training experiences and insights with us by leaving a comment below. The following list of the 20 dumbest dog breeds is based on the dog's ability to learn new commands and follow commands. All breeds of dogs can be trained, it is the owner who may need help to learn how to train the dog to do basic tasks.

When it comes to muscles and brains, most pet owners are of the opinion that this breed of dog only has the first. Lakeland Terriers are stubborn, independent and mischievous: all the main qualities of a dog breed confused with little intelligence. While you can never stop losing hair completely, choosing the best hair removal shampoo for dogs will help strengthen your dog's hair, and may even help heal their skin as well. Missing both aspects would lead to a lazy and lackluster dog who would stubbornly refuse to move even an inch, thus making his image of a fool.

Unless trained to be social, this breed of dog tends to assume a hostile attitude towards other animals and children. They are great for reading and understanding human emotions, which in turn makes them excellent lapdogs. The Chihuahua has a large number of devoted followers, and it's easy to see why once you take the time to get to know one of these doggies. Even though the dogs on this list don't excel at obedience training, that doesn't mean they can't be cunning and smart.

Below-average or fair working intelligent dog breeds are dogs that scored slightly below average during Coren's intelligence trials. Romanov, the tsar of Russia, his family, his guests and other nobles would do their best and spend huge amounts of money on these wolf hunts, in which their big and elegant dogs Borzoi starred. A breed of dog is often stereotyped as “dumb”, when in reality they are willful, relaxed or slow to trust. We know how important it is to find the best cooling vest for a French bulldog so that they don't overheat during summer days.

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