Is getting a pug a good idea?

Your Pug will be your little shadow. So, if you're thinking about getting one, you'll want to make sure you can give it the attention and affection you're looking for. Did I tell you that pugs are the best thing there are & that you will want to be with them ALL THE TIME? They are also loyal little things, they will follow you like a shadow% 26 therefore are prone to separation anxiety. It is particularly unfair to leave this breed alone at home for long periods, so think about how much time you can offer, or whether you can trust someone for regular dog-care tasks.

Have you been wondering if you want to take home one of those smug face bites? Are you not sure you can commit to this decision? Well, we'll help you. Read on to learn what are the pros and cons of owning a pug. So, you'll know exactly what you're dealing with before you go out looking for that pug. Dogs can add a lot of joy to a home, but different breeds have different needs.

When selecting the breed of dog you choose, you should be aware of all the character traits and lifestyle habits of the breed you choose. Do your research beforehand, so that you do not have difficulty raising your pet later. The name Pug of this breed of dog comes from the Latin word “Pugnum” or “Pugno i, e. Fist or fight, which means that the dog's face, wrinkled like a fist, is said to be the inspiration for the name.

Pugs can be a bit exhibitionist, have a good sense of humor and are very loyal and devoted to their teachers. The breed of dog is believed to be native to China, during the Han Dynasty, in 200 BC. C. They were thought to bring good luck and fortune to their owner and were raised as faithful companion dogs for the emperors.

Pugs can be adorable and many people fall in love with them at first sight. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the needs of a pug before taking responsibility for taking care of it. Small dogs, unlike large dogs, cannot endure too much physical activity. Therefore, if you want a dog to take you with you in your neighborhood race, you must choose between a large dog.

On the other hand, if you just want your dog to curl up in your lap while you are in a Netflix marathon, a small dog will perfectly suit your needs. If you have children, you should find out if the breed of dog you are limiting yourself to is good with children. Similarly, a busy professional should find out whether the breed of dog he chooses needs extensive preparation or not to calculate whether he will be able to afford this time, that is,. It is required to be spent on them.

After researching the breed of dog that is most compatible with your lifestyle, ask yourself one last time if you are financially capable of handling the additional expenses of raising a dog. If you think that food is the only expense you will incur for your dog, you are wrong. Consider the cost of toys, veterinary care, toiletries, and medical emergencies. If you're not currently financially stable enough to meet the needs of a companion dog, it's perfectly fine to admit.

Maybe you can get the dog of your dreams later. Pugs are a stubborn and notoriously difficult breed of dog to train. You will be responsible for the domestic training and behavior of your pug. Pugs also need thorough preparation, so you'll need to make sure you're up to the task.

Next, you'll need to know if you want to adopt your pug or buy it at a pet store. Stay away from pet stores unless you're okay with spending a lot of money. When you rescue a pug from the streets, you not only save money, but you also save the pug and give it a home. Dogs in rescue shelters often come home trained early and you save yourself the extra effort of training them again.

Potential pug owners would do well to learn about the common pros and cons of pugs. Raising a dog is not a piece of cake, but it can be very rewarding anyway. If you have already chosen a pug as the breed of dog you like, review the information about this dog breed. Pugs make excellent lap dogs.

They are friendly and cheerful and don't need much time outdoors. So, if you are a city dweller, walking your dog around the block several times a week will be enough exercise for your four-legged friend. What else? Enjoy your dog with a little playtime and you won't have to worry about your furniture falling apart. Pugs are easily content and don't need much other than sleep and play.

They can be very affectionate and are great with children. It is true that you will probably have to put up with their shedding and health problems, but this shouldn't dissuade you from adopting a pug. Pugs are an adorable, social and attractive breed of dog. If all you are looking for is the company of your dog, pugs should be your option.

They'll want nothing more than to snuggle with you on your couch. Content on this site may contain affiliate links, and these links take you to third-party sites, such as Amazon. If you are an outdoor person looking to share your active outdoor lifestyle with a dog, don't buy a Pug. Pugs tend to sleep more than other dogs (an average of 14 hours a day), and in this way they look a lot like cats.

Not every Pug will require frequent visits to the vet, but many will, so you better plan to spend a lot of time and money in the vet's office. Skilled and experienced dog owners usually manage to train their pugs within 3 months of their dog's arrival home. A pug will always take extreme measures to get what he wants, whether it's food, his human being or more food. I have to tell you that a black pug doesn't lose that much because they have a coat of fur, while fawns have two layers of fur.

If your pug squirms like Holly, you'll need help catching him and, if they're like Hugo, they might end up needing an operation to repair a broken dew claw. Some pugs may need frequent trips to vets to empty their anal glands (you can do it yourself). This may be just my pug (as I've seen other pug chase balls & swim), but Wilma has no interest in playing in the park. My pug Grace, nine years old, is the sweetest and most loyal dog I've ever had, I can't imagine not having a pug.

I have never had a pug until a few weeks ago, it was born on March 1 and since I have it, it breathes very hard. Pugs are prone to eye problems, the most common are eye ulcers, and because of their short muzzle, they are more at risk of scratching their eyes. Queen Victoria of England raised her own pugs, and her passion for them passed to her grandson, King George V and their son, King Edward VIII. .


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